Thank you for purchasing HiBy’s new generation portable digital audio player, the R6 PRO II.  To help you get the best out of the R6 PRO II, this user guide has been compiled to introduce you to the R6 PRO II’s features and how to use them.  Please read thoroughly in the first days of ownership.

R6PROII说明书 en.png

Power on/off, restart, screen locking / unlocking

1.Power on: press and hold power button for two seconds

2.Power off / restart: hold power button while the R6 PRO II is powered on to bring up power off / restart option screen; (press briefly to unlock the screen first if it is locked)

3.Lock screen: Press power button briefly while R6 PRO II is powered on to lock / unlock screen;

4.Turn on screen:  when the R6 PRO II is powered on with screen off, press power button briefly or double-tap the screen to turn it on.

Operating System

The the R6 PRO II sports a lightly customized Android 12 operating system which may be operated in the same way as most smartphones, including the installation of 3rd party audio and general apps and use of the Play Store; 

Music player app

Preloaded with HiByMusic Professional edition, specially customized for HiFi digital audio players for powerful features, perfect sound and ease of use;

Micro SD card installation

Micro SD Card sizes of up to 2TB are accepted.


PD2.0 is supported. 

3.5mm and 4.4mm line out

Auto line out mode switch:  the device automatically detects when it is connected to an amplifier rather than headphones and switches automatically to Line Out mode.


1.The LED on the R6 PRO II power button doubles as an indicator light for the audio format being sent to the DAC:



MQA studio—blue

MQA rendering—magenta

Not playing—pale blue


48kHz and under—yellow

64-192kHz—cyan blue


All DSD: white

Coaxial digital audio output

The R6 PRO II supports coaxial digital output via its type-c port.  This may be adapted to regular RCA connectors via our Type-C->RCA interconnect, available at store.hiby.com or one of the various retail partners listed at the end of this document.

USB Digital audio output

Connect USB DAC / amps to the R6 PRO II USB type-C port.

File transfer:  connect the R6 PRO II to the computer via the provided USB type-C cable.  After this, pull down the notification shade on the R6III, scroll down to the bottom and tap twice on “USB for charging”, then select “File transfer” in the menu.  Now the R6 PRO II will function as an MTP storage device for file transfer.  On a Mac it is necessary to also install Android File Transfer to enable MTP file transfer.

Acting as USB DAC

a.connect the R6 PRO III to the computer via the provided USB type-C cable.  After this, pull down the notification shade on the R6 PRO II, scroll down to the bottom and tap twice on “USB for charging”, then select “USB DAC in” in the menu.

b.On windows 7 it would be necessary to install the USB audio driver for this;  go to store.hiby.com -> Scroll to bottom -> Click “download” under Support -> “USB DAC Driver & Guidance” -> “HiBy R6 PRO II USB DAC Driver Download and Installation Guide”

Wireless connectivity


Connect the R6 PRO II with new Bluetooth audio devices as follows:

a.Pull down the notification shade then pull down again to expand the list of quick status indicator buttons;  press and hold on the Bluetooth icon to enter the Bluetooth setup screen;

b.Turn on the Bluetooth master switch;

c.Tap “Pair new device” to search for nearby Bluetooth devices (set the Bluetooth device to be paired to broadcast or pairing mode according to its instructions)

d.Tap on the name of your Bluetooth device on the R6 PRO II to pair with it;  once successfully paired, it will appear under the list of “paired devices”.


The R6 PRO II supports both 2.4GHz and 5Hz WiFi.  Apart from using it to connect it to the internet for music streaming, internet etc., it can also be used for music transfer, remote control via HiByLink and/or playing music from network resources via DLNA / LAN etc.

Fireware update

Over-the-air online update

1.Updating automatically via WiFi isrecommended.

2.The R6 PRO II will automatically detect updates andprompt about the update in the notification shadeif an update is found.

3. You may also go to Settings->System->SystemUpdates to manually check for and download updates.

Direct Transport Audio architecture for lossless digital audio on Android

1. DTA (Direct Transport Audio) is the name of HiBy’s full-time bitperfect android audio framework;  it bypasses Android’s sample rate conversion by modifying its audio stack to output bitperfect audio;2. The HiByMusic app bundled with the R6 PRO II may bitperfectly output up to and including DSD512 / PCM 768kHz/32bit, however many third party apps assume bad Android resampling and will conduct “high quality” resampling internally, in which case it is impossible to obtain bitperfect audio from such apps despite DTA.