Thank you for purchasing the portable HD lossless player HiBy RS2. To help you get the best out of the RS2, this user guide has been compiled to introduce you to the RS2's features and how to use them. Please read thoroughly in the first days of ownership.

The HiBy RS2 is a Linux HD lossless player with Darwin architecture, supporting various lossless / lossy DSD, DXD, WAV, FLAC, MQA, MQA studio, MQA core (MQB), ALAC, APE, WMA lossless / lossy, AIFF, AAC, mp3, mp2, Ogg Vorbis etc.


Touch control

The screen is an IPS multi-touchscreen, with 2.45' size and 360*480 resolution.

Power button

Hold down for two seconds while powered off to turn it on: hold down while powered on to tun it off.

Multicolor LED

Changes colors depending on what is playing in terms of sample rate:

Red: Charging/low battery

Yellow: 32k~84k

Aqua: 64k~192k 

Orange: 352.8k or above

White: DSD

Green: MQA

Blue: MQA studio

Purple: MQA core (MQB)

Micro SD card

The RS2 carries an external Micro SD slot for music storage, supporting Micro SD cards up to ≤2T. When putting in a Micro SD card for the first time or changing cards you need to scan for new songs. Connected to the computer via the supplied USB cable, the RS2 can act as a card reader for transferring music onto the micro SD card inserted into the RS2. After transferring songs please “safely eject” the card in the computer before unplugging the USB cable.

USB Type C port

For data transmission+charging+coaxial digital output. A special Type C to 3.5mm coaxial cable is required for using the coaxial digital output. It can be purchased from or your local dealer. Please note that this special cable only works with the RS2.

Headphone port

Supports 3.5mm headphone out, 3.5mm line out and 4.4mm balanced. 


1.Please go to the official website to download the driver zip file and guidance.

2.To use the RS2 as USB DAC, you need to be set USB mode to “Audio” in the system settings and connect to the computer with the supplied USB data cable.

Uncharge mode

Switch the power button to the left to disable charging from USB DAC in mode.